Tidal Wave Of English (English Spread Around The World)

Hi pals! long time no see. Gara-gara kesibukan kuliah dan aktivitas yang lumayan banyak ampe jarang banget ngepost. Tapi alhamdulillah ada kesempatan buat nulis lagi. Hari ini gue mau post salah satu tugas yaitu menjelaskan penyebaran bahasa inggris hingga dapat menjadi bahasa internasional namun dalam bahasa inggris. jadi kita diberi peta penyebaran dari bukunya Crystal dan dibuatlah minimal 500 kata. Langsung saja deh, silahkan dibaca dan menurut gue gak usah di translate soalnya katanya gue buat sesederhana mungkin, tapi maaf kalo ada kesalahan yaa namanya orang belajar, kkekek……

English has spread around the world, among various speakers and it makes English as a global language. First by British colonization and empire building and more recently by the prominence of America in the world. Everybody known that British Empire and American Empire is the key of spread English around the world. The spread of English it is widely just like a wave, where in every continent there is an English influence. In this paper I would like to explain the spread of English across the globe and why British Empire and American Empire could spread English like a wave.

British Empire

During the 16th and 18th centuries the British sailed across the seas with the purpose of increasing British power, wealth, spices and to found a new world. With their power they control and manage the land and of course the language also spread. British empire did colonization in every region and continent that now became an independent countries. British empire also called “the sun never sets” because its power, influence all over the globe and a massive impact on the history of the world. The influence and spread English started in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The first regular british contact with the subcontinent came in 1600 with the formation of the british east india company for trade and by the time British Empire take control of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. When a new land has founded which is America in 1607 English spread rapidly from the eastern part of America. British Empire started went to south part of America and found Caribbean with a black population to manage a sugar plantations and English is a language that used as a pidgin of communication. In the end of 17th century British Empire spread to South Africa because of the gold and diamond in there. And also presence a slaves that they used as a worker and shipped to other colonies. Except South Africa, British Empire also occupied West Africa from the end of 15th century, for instance Ghana, Nigeria and Siera Leone. Althought British had visited in East Africa from the end of 16th century, such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. At the end of 18th century British Empire brought English in South-East Asia and South Pasific. They brought and spread English in Australia, New Zealand, Papua Nuinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, and Pasific Island. Emigration was also a solution to the over population problem in Britain. Little by little, people looking for freedom or wealth settled in these far away places. British Empire brought them in each colonization and keeping touch with commoner and made English spread. Even thought every countries that British Empire colonize have their own languages, English always being a language that used as a lingua franca.

American Empire

By the end 19th century and early 20th century the world presence was maintained and promoted through the economic supremacy of the new American superpower. When the world war I and II USA made a colonization in a few countries such as Hawaii, New England, Canada, Liberia, Puerto Rico and Philippines and of course English spread as the language of American economic superiority and political leadership. Except in Canada there are two languages, which are English and French and also called Anglophone and Francophone but as time goes population of English speakers more increase than French and it’s shown that English widely and have a special place. America also hold an important role of spread English because their technology, broadcasting, education, research, film and music.

As i mentioned that English has spread around the word geographically and the fondations for the expansion of English were laid by British Empire and American Empire itself during the 16th and 20th century. Because the colonization and economic power, English could spread widely in every continent around the world. In this paper i have explain that British Empire and the spread of English began in 16th until the 18th centuries and by the end of the 19th and the early 20th centuries USA emerged as an economic and political superpower when the language became a tool of imperial expansion, and end up by gaining a special place in the history of a significant number of countries. They did a colonization because increasing their power, wealth, spices, to found a new world, industrialization, evangelism and of course they brought their languange. Like a tidal wave, when a wave at the sea, they brought something from the sea, there’s an effect also spread and recuring.

In this paper focuses on the colonization of British Empire and American Empire, the spread of English in each colonize. And why i called “tidal wave” because the spread of English just like a tidal wave at the sea, spread around the world and never stop yet until now even more and more expanded. Maybe i’m not explain in completely, especially in American Empire but hopefully this paper would give a good basic understanding of the roots of English spread around the world.


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